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Welcome to Viewer360! Discover a new dimension of viewing with our innovative software that allows you to immerse yourself in a world of 360-degree images and videos. With Visor360, you’ll be able to explore exotic landscapes, relive precious memories, and present your work in a whole new way.

Step by Step to Download and Install Visor360

Program Download

Click the download button below to get the ZIP file of the program.

Unzip the File

Once downloaded, unzip the ZIP file to a location of your choice on your computer. The downloaded file in ZIP format is a compressed file, which Windows 10 and Windows 11 recognize without installing any programs.

Program Installation

  1. Double-click the downloaded ZIP file ‘setup’ or ‘setup’ (usually found in ‘Downloads’), and then double-click the file ‘setup 32b.exe’ or ‘setup 64b’. exe’, depending on the version you have chosen to download.
  2. Double-clicking the ‘setup 32b.exe’ or ‘setup 64b.exe’ file will run the installer. Windows may display some security warnings:
    Windows protected your PC – The installer is not signed: Click “More Information” and then “Run anyway” to continue.
  3. You want to allow this app from an unknown advertiser to make changes to your device: Click “YES” to continue.
  4. Follow the installer instructions to complete the installation on your computer.
  5. During installation, you can choose the installation location and whether to create a desktop shortcut.

Program start

Once the installation is complete, you can run Visor360 from the shortcut on the desktop or from the Windows start menu.

System Requirements

Visor360 is only compatible with desktop or laptop PCs with Windows operating system. Not compatible with Mac, mobile devices or tablets. An Internet connection is required.

Download your Viewer360

Icono Visualiza tus fotos en 360 grados

Experience a New Dimension of Visualization

Immerse yourself in the World of 360 degrees. Imagine being able to explore exotic landscapes, relive your most precious memories or present your work in a completely new way. With Visor360, all this is possible.

Icono Visualiza y edita múltiples fotos 360 Galeria de imagenes

Share your Experiences in 360 Degrees

Impress your audience with amazing presentations. Whether you’re showcasing your latest vacation, presenting a professional project, or simply sharing special moments with friends and family, Visor360 offers you the perfect platform to do so.

Icono Edita imágenes en 360 grados

Unleash your Creativity

Edit and Personalize your Content in 360 Degrees. With Visor360, you will not only be able to explore content in 360 degrees, but you will also be able to edit it! Adjust color, orientation, modify color tones, and much more.

Icono Reproduce vídeos en 360 grados MP4

Download Now and Start Exploring

Join the Revolution of the panoramic world. Are you ready to take the next step in your viewing experience? Download Visor360 today and discover a new world of possibilities!

Download Visor360 - 360 image and video viewer
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Download Visor360 - 360 image and video viewer
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