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Visor360 Free Demo

Explore the basic functionalities of Visor360 with our free demo version. Although limited in terms of uploading images and videos, this version gives you a clear view of how our platform works and the capabilities you can enjoy by upgrading to the Standard or PRO versions.

The free demo for you to try Visor360

This version of the 360 Viewer does not allow you to upload your own images, but it allows us to browse through an example 360 photo. You may be wondering if our Visor360 Standard or our Visor360 Pro is compatible with your computer. And you don’t want to buy a program that doesn’t work on your computer later. Therefore, you can download this trial version for free.

Screenshot of 360 Viewer free demo 360 degree image viewer for PC

Highlighted Features of the Free Demo Version

Sample 360 image included for you to try

Experience viewing a predefined sample image that illustrates the capabilities of Visor360. Although you can’t upload your own images in this version, this demo gives you a clear idea of the quality and immersion we offer.

Save a screenshot to your computer

Even though it is the free demo version, you can take screenshots of the 360 image that we propose as a sample. You can choose the position that you are most interested in capturing, and download this image to your computer in JPG and PNG format. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Try the different ways to view a 360 image

The Free Demo version allows you to try the different ways to live a 360 experience. These options are the monoscopic view, the orthographic view, Little Planet, Sphere, and expanded image. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Guides and visual assistants in 360º

In the same Vista menu, you can check the usefulness of the visual guides that we offer for your viewing and editing in higher versions. You have at your disposal the Grid guide, the Orientation Marks, and the Vision zone Map. Try them all! Click here to learn more about this feature.

Language Selection

In this demo version, you will be able to use our program in one of the 6 languages that we make available to you: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. We want your experience to be full and comfortable.

Configuration settings

To continue with our desire to make you feel comfortable and that everything is to your liking, in this trial version you will be able to change the resolution of the program, as well as the actions performed by the mouse and its buttons. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Download Viewer 360 for PC

Click the following button to download Visor360. Once installed, you can choose the version that best suits you.

Complete your 360 experience with our Viewers

Easy upgrade to Standard or Pro

Upgrade to Standard or Pro without leaving the program

From the Free version, you can instantly upgrade to the Standard or PRO versions without needing to download the program again. Simply make payment using PayPal directly from the app, and upon restarting the app you’ll enjoy all the extra features you want.

Uninterrupted Continuity

When you upgrade to a higher version, you will retain your settings and preferences, ensuring a continuous, uninterrupted experience. Don’t waste time configuring your Visor360 again; Just enjoy the new features added.

Why Update?

  • Unlock advanced features: Access image editing and high-resolution export tools with the Standard and PRO version.
  • Maintain Your Progress: Keep your settings and preferences when updating, without wasting time on repeated configurations.
  • Secure and Fast Payment: Make payment safely and conveniently through PayPal, directly from the application (the payment process is carried out on the Paypal website for security).

Beyond the Demo, Standard and Pro await you

Experience the essence of Visor360 with our free demo version and take your viewing experience to the next level with our Standard and PRO versions. Upgrade now and discover a new world of panoramic possibilities!

Visor360 Demo technical requirements

Remember that Visor360 is an application to work exclusively on computers with Windows 10 and 11 operating systems, 32b or 64b in the case of Demo, Standard and Pro licenses, and on updated web browsers for the correct use of Visor360 Online.

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