360 Viewer Demo

Test your compatibility

The Demo version allows you to install a non-working 360 Viewer, so you can check if it is compatible with your computer before purchasing the Standard or Pro versions.

Free demo viewer of images, photos and 360 renderings

The 360 Viewer Demo

Free for you to try

This version of the 360 Viewer does not allow you to upload your own images, but it does allow you to browse through an example 360 photo.

You may be wondering if our 360 Viewer Standard or our 360 Viewer Pro is compatible with your computer. And you don’t want to buy a program that doesn’t work on your computer later. Therefore, you can download this trial version for free.

Editar imagenes 360 Visor360 pro

Your 360 image viewer for PC

The Demo version for Windows is the 360 Viewer for you to test your compatibility. You can rotate the sample image we’ve uploaded, zoom in, and change the color or hue.

Ver fotos e imagenes 360 en PC Visor360

View photos and 360 images on Windows PC

With our Visor360 Demo, you will be able to see the sample panoramic photo that we have inserted. You will be able to navigate through it with a simple click drag. In addition, with the mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out (Zoom In and Zoom Out) the point of view in your 360º photo.

Captura de pantalla 2D visor 360

2D screenshot of 360º photo

In addition to the features already mentioned, the Demo version includes a button with which you can take a screenshot of what you are seeing. The file will be downloaded to your computer in the format and resolution you have chosen.

Download your free 360 Demo Viewer

We put at your disposal, the Demo version to download in PC Windows version. You can choose between downloading it from Visor360.net, or downloading it from the external server itch.io

Remember that our 360 viewer requires a PC with Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system. To check the compatibility of our viewer, this demo version is ideal: Not functional, but free.

Download 360 Viewer Demo from visor360.net
Download 360 Viewer Demo from external server itch.io Donwload from itch.io
Web with SSL security certificate and use of PayPal secure payment gateway

Step by step of the purchase of a 360 Viewer

Any questions? Don’t worry, we are going to show you a step-by-step mini-tutorial on how to make the purchase, how to download the installation file, and how to install your 360 viewer on your computer.

In the event that something does not work, you do not know how to solve it, or any other doubt, the Visor360 team will always be by your side to help you. Simply send us a message through the Contact section, and we will help you solve any unforeseen problem in less than 48 business hours.


Buy the 360 viewer from Visor360.net

Buying and downloading your 360 viewer is very simple.

First of all, we need to click on the green ‘Buy Now‘ button.

Next, we check that the chosen viewer appears in the top list, and we fill in the form with our data (it is very important that the email is valid, since you will receive the download link at that address).

Next, we write our PayPal username if we have it, and if it is not the case, we click on the ‘Pay with credit card‘ button. Follow PayPal’s step-by-step instructions to complete the payment.

Finally, on the Purchase Confirmation page, at the bottom, the title of the purchased viewer will appear in blue. This is the download link, and you will also receive it in an email (check spam if it takes more than 15 minutes to arrive).

  • Comprar-visor-360---Tutorial-paso-a-paso---Primer-paso-LOW
  • Comprar-visor-360---Tutorial-paso-a-paso---Segundo-paso-LOW
  • Comprar-visor-360---Tutorial-paso-a-paso---Tercer-paso-LOW
  • Comprar-visor-360---Tutorial-paso-a-paso---Cuarto-paso-LOW


Install the Viewer on your computer

Once you’ve downloaded the 360 Viewer file (either by clicking the blue link on the Purchase Confirmation screen or from the link received by email), just double-click it.

The downloaded file is in ZIP format. This means that it is a compressed file, which is recognized by Windows 10 and Windows 11 without installing any programs. Therefore, we only have to double click on the downloaded file (usually you will find it in ‘Downloads‘), and then double click on the Install.exe file

When you run the installer, Windows may give you a blue screen with the message “Windows has protected your PC.” This is a security warning from Microsoft Defender, as it does not recognize the 360 Viewer installation file. To solve it, we just have to click on ‘More information’ and then on the ‘Run anyway’ button that will appear.

At this moment, the installer will be executed, with which we will be able to install Visor360 on our PC following the simple steps that it shows us. We recommend that you click “Create a shortcut icon on the desktop”, so that it is easier to find and always have it at hand.

  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-1
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-2
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-3
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-4
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-5
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-6
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-7
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-8
  • Instalar-Visor360-paso-a-paso---Paso-9


Need help?

Each computer is a world, and not all of us have the same computer knowledge. In order to get the 360 Viewer to as many users as possible, we will always be by your side.

Get in touch with us, using the form that you will find in the Contact section. Tell us what problem or doubt you have, and we will attend to you as soon as possible. You can ask us any questions, whether or not you have purchased a 360 viewer. We attend to all queries, in order of arrival, but we prioritize attention to users with a purchased license.

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